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Creative Talent of the Week, Boston (8.12.15)


Summer's still sizzling! This week we're turning the heat by showcasing amazing talent from our beautiful Boston office.

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Jason is a Jr. Full Stack Developer who just completed an immersive full stack program. He has experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby, Node.JS, Git and more. Prior to completing this program, Jason was working as a Motion Graphics Designer and had also been doing freelance web development focusing on Wordpress.


Andrew is a Senior UX Designer who is just wrapping up a contract with an agency in town. He has been working on mobile projects recently (Android and iOS) and has always been involved in all parts of the UX process, including information architecture, heuristic analysis, wireframing/prototyping, competitive analysis, usability testing and more. Andrew has worked for several reputable companies and his portfolio showcases the work he's done for some of the world's top brands!


Rebecca is a Digital Project Manager/Producer who has been contracting for some well known agencies in town doing a mix of project/traffic management as well as managing OLA accounts/campaigns for a well known shoe brand. In this particular role as the Digital Project Manager, Rebecca was responsible for the overall management of the project/campaigns, updating all assets (copy and visual for the shoe site), some light production work when she needed to, and account/client management. Rebecca worked on a team with two other creatives/designers, the creative director, and an account director. Her role ended up being a mix of producing/project management and account management. In addition to these skills, Rebecca has a background with SEO/SEM and has worked with tools/programs including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Omniture, Basecamp, Ectron and more.


Becky is a fantastic presentation designer who has all the skills of a senior level designer. She has worked for a variety of clients and has done presentations for AT&T, Keurig, universities, and more. She has a clean, professional style while making incredibly engaging presentations. One of her favorite projects was working with Reebok where she took complex graphs and charts and turned them into an interesting and animated presentation. She's highly skilled in Powerpoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Prezi, etc. Becky's the one to go to when you have a quick turnaround project!

Interested in any of the Boston talent above?

Just holler for David Leech!

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