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Creative Talent of the Week, Austin (9.24.15)


Austin is home to so many amazing creatives and our local VT office has whoever you need, right when you need them. (Portfolios to you in 24 hours or less!) Check out this sample of Austin creative talent available right now!

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Jason is a UX Designer, Engineer, and Analyst who has been involved in all aspects and phases of software and hardware design in the high tech industry for over 15 years. His specialties are eCommerce, UI prototyping, testing, business intelligence and IT consulting. Some of his recent UX Design projects include responsive mobile web applications and websites, eCommerce websites and Internet and Intranet portals. Jason developed an Interactive Entertainment Business Intelligence Reporting Portal for competitive marketing research data on interactive TV apps. If you are looking to hire a UX Designer Jason has a must see portolio.


For more than 10 years, Sara has been creating awesome web and multimedia interfaces that marry beauty and functionality with panache. She's one of those rare folks who can both design AND code a site by hand. She understands designing for SEO and is infatuated with HTML5 and CSS3. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Joomla, WordPress and hand-coded HTML, her diverse portfolio includes web design, e-commerce development, award-winning interactive kiosks and CDs, printed ads, e-Learning tutorials and much more. She also has quite a few print and branding projects under her belt, giving her a diverse and well-rounded portfolio. She's created digital media for companies with names you'd recognize - like Southwest Airlines, Chili's, and Toshiba - and for quite a few small businesses and non-profits as well.


A strong junior full stack developer, Nick shows quite a bit of promise for as little time he has been coding professionally. He has a solid base of fundamentals revolving mostly around backend development but also covering some common aspects of front end. He received great training in the Viking coding school and according to our expert interviewer, his projects show good complexity and though they we’re primarily built during the Viking course, they do show a certain skill. He is strongest in Ruby on Rails and ready to join a team to expand his skills even further! To hear more about what our expert interviewer has to say about Nick's technical skills contact me.


Nathan has only been in Austin for a couple of weeks but his search has already been quite successful. Most recently, he was the sole graphic designer on the NCSA Athletic Recruiting internal marketing team and was in charge of all creative assets. He managed the digital & print brand, developing creative initiatives for traditional and experimental marketing efforts. He has worked on marketing collateral and some banners, event signage, magazine ads, and brochures. Nathan has an ad agency background (5-11 clients at any time) managing the print work but his main objective is to dig into digital more heavily now and to make use of his basic HTML & CSS knowledge.


Katie is a dedicated communications professional with over 5 years of international experience in the digital publication industry including content creation, SEO, project management, and analytics. Her previous roles include Copywriter for a communications agency; Production Manager for an online newspaper; and Website Editor for a student portal. She is professional and passionate about producing quality content that offers value to its audience. Katie is new to Austin from working and traveling abroad in Sweden and ready to go.

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