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Complimentary Webcast from Razorfish’s Global CTO


We’re lucky enough to have Ray Velez, Razorfish’s Global Chief Technology Officer, give a free webcast on multidimensional brand marketing.

Ray will explain, through case studies, the benefits of shaking up a company’s org chart in a world where “marketing, technology, creativity, and media are now one in the same.” (And no, that doesn’t mean everyone gets corner offices. We asked.)

He’ll cover how companies can:

  • Keep the customer at the center

  • Enhance commerce experiences

  • Meet changing consumer demands

Ray has served as a senior architectural consultant at Scient and Cambridge Technology Partners, and his client list includes the Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz, Intel, AT&T, and CondeNet. He also recently co-authored Converge, about the intersection of marketing and technology.

Not a bad guy to to spend an hour with, eh?

Save the date: October 29th at 1:00PM EST.

Why wait? Register right now!

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