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Chicago: A Deep Dish Slice of Interactive

Source: Monika Thorpe

Here’s a place that could also be called The City with Many Nicknames. The Windy City, Second City, Chi-Town, Chicagoland, City of the Big Shoulders... It seems that every generation comes up with a new moniker for this City on the Lake (oops, just thought of another one.)

If you’re interested in what makes Chicago tick interactively, you’re in luck! Top Vitamin T Agent Lindsay Adams took some time away from her ever-ringing phone to give us a virtual tour which, unfortunately, didn’t include pizza.

Vitamin T: What do you love most about your city?

Lindsay: I love the people in it! I have met some of the most wonderful, kind, and down-to-earth people since moving to Chicago. And our local music scene is the best! Forget the over-saturated markets that other cities have to offer; Chicago will give you a tapas-style tasting of every kind of music you could hope for.

Speaking of tapas, I really can't forget to mention that the food here is tops. Kumas Korner, Mollie's Cupcakes, and Gino's East Pizza? YES, PLEASE! However, I wouldn't eat TOO much before laughing your face off at some of the best comedy shows in the country. I hate to break it to the other cities, but Chicago pretty much has it all!

Vitamin T: Why is it a great place for interactive talent?

Lindsay: The culture in Chicago is amazing for interactives because we cater to the creative soul. The summer is full of outdoor activities, meet-ups, conventions, and clubs that foster creativity, allowing interactive talent to network and grow. While the cooler months bring snow and cold, they also give plenty of opportunity to sit in and create. The entire city is connected through numerous online organizations and networks, where we can share insights and build relationships without braving the winter weather. Though I have to say, Chicago folks aren’t afraid to head right out in the cold to make connections.

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to your city?

Lindsay: Get on your warmest winter jacket and get ready to meet life-long partners, friends, and creative matches made in digital heaven. Check out the independent coffee shops year round for other freelancers working offsite or just hanging out and start a conversation. I can guarantee if you do that you'll meet a lot of great people!

Vitamin T: What are some great networking orgs to connect with?

Lindsay: There’s so many, but here’s a good start:

Vitamin T: What are some of the hottest agencies in your city?

Lindsay: Once again, there are tons! If I had to pick, I’d go for:

  • DDB - Tied in 2010 for most awarded agency at the North American Effie Awards
  • Razorfish - Adidas, Williams-Sonoma, Capital One, Disney, Dell... you name a brand, they probably work with them!
  • Plan B - Great Chicago-based firm!
  • Digitas - Top integrated advertising agency ranked by AdAge as one of their Best Places to Work
  • Energy BBDO - Chicago’s own BBDO, also ranked Top Workplace by the Chicago Tribune
  • Gizmo Design, Inc. - Great, homegrown design firm

Vitamin T: What odd factoids can you share about the city that newcomers wouldn't know?

Lindsay: When we say deep dish pizza, we actually mean pizza pie. It can be broken down in a simple pie chart (ha!) displaying the ratio of 20 percent crust, 10 percent sauce, 10 percent misc. ingredients, and 40 percent cheese.   

Every sentence starts with "Hey, you guys!"

The word "Pop" is a substitute for every kind of soda that exists.  

Don't be alarmed when the temperature drops, it appears that the population has also dropped.  We're all inside cozying up with friends!

So what do you think, sound like your kind of city? If you want to know more about living and working there, then you should connect with our Chicago Vitamin T team.

Just remember to start out your conversation with, “Hey, you guys!”

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