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Check out the World’s Smallest Portfolio


Way back In 1977, Steve Martin famously said, “Let’s get small.”

It’s apparently something London-based freelance designer Michael William Lester took to heart when he created "The World's Smallest Portfolio.”

Coming in at just under one inch wide and 7/10’s an inch tall, Lester’s project began as a brief from Jelly London, as part of the D&AD New Blood Festival. Freelance creatives were asked to try to communicate, promote, and sell themselves to prospective clients and agencies.

After creating the portfolio, Lester sent copies to his favorite agencies, complete with mini hand-signed magnifying cards and documented the whole thing on Behance.

With coverage on AdFreak and over 16K views (and 2.3K thumbs up) on his Behance page, looks like small is really going over big.

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