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Check Out the Webby Award Winners!

Source: Humphrey King

What do Obama, Red Bull, and Band-Aids have in common?

If you guessed that all of them won a 2013 Webby Award, then give yourself a big pat on the back.  (If you thought it had something to do with our president landing kickflips on a skateboard, sorry. But, we did want to point out that we gave a pretty big hint with the title, right?)

Yes, while we were celebrating our 2nd Anniversary yesterday, the World Wide Web was also celebrating its anniversary (20 years to be exact), and our friends the Webbys were announcing their 2013 Webby winners, People’s Voice winners, and the other nominees.

Regardless, it was a pretty huge Tuesday.

Do check out all the winners on the Webby site, and hey, if you’ve got tickets to the award ceremony, we’ll see you there!

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