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Check Out The Latest Social Mobile Innovations

If you weren’t able to join The Webby Awards president, David-Michel Davies when he chatted with two digital thought leaders in the social + mobile realm...

(Even though we wrote that in all caps.)

  • Richard Ting (EVP and Executive Creative Director at R/GA)
  • Jeff Moriarty (VP of Digital at The Boston Globe)

and David-Michel’s conversation is now frozen forever in time via the magic of YouTube.

Tune in as they discuss:

  • What they’re working on (L’Oreal, NIKEiD)
  • Exciting developments in social mobile
  • Responsive design and advertising
  • Native apps vs. browsers
  • Content strategy

And tons more.

Believe us, it’s a  really compelling conversation about digital creative, social mobile, and UX that you won’t hear every day!

Best of all you can check it out on your smartphone, tablet, or iWatch (wait, are those out yet?)

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