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Check out the 2015 Vitamin T | Aquent Calendar!

Source: Escape in the Rain

Around this time of year if you visit a Vitamin T office it’s not unusual to see elephants wandering through a city street (above) or an iconic British phone booth engulfed in waves (below).

light house
"The Light Box" by Paul W.

Rather than indicating a rift in the space-time continuum, these strange sightings merely mean that the new Vitamin T | Aquent calendar is here!

We work with thousands of creative talent and this calendar is one way for us to show you just what they can do. We are continually impressed by their skill and imagination. And we think you will be, too.

If you would like see this limited edition calendar up close (or, better yet, having an actual Vitamin T talent work on your projects), simply get in touchl!


“Are You Free Now” by Pham H.

Dance en couleurs - encre

"Dance" by Sylvia B.  


"North Light City" by M. Ryan R.


"Seagull Under Pier" by Debra C.

On The Road hero

"On The Road" by Dennis M.

Festival Amserdam

"Festival Amserdam" by Roya H.


Highland cow

"Highland Cow" by Carl C.


"Banana Flower" by Anne W.


"Winnepeg Huron" by Todd K.

And Then There Were Four

"And Then There Were Four" by Joana C.


"Liverpool" by Richard G.

Taste of summer

"Taste of Summer" by Miku S.

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