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Check Out Highlights from Digital Shoreditch 2013


500+ sessions, 20+ interactive rooms, parties, dinners, and so much more—2013’s amazing Digital Shoreditch festival is wrapping up after an exhaustingly exhaustive week.

We’ve met loads of techies and creatives from around the world, all who came to Tech City to find out what's hot in London.

Our partner TechCityInsider ran a fantastic seminar, created a key survey report highlighting the skills and cash shortages that are limiting Tech City growth, and launched this fantastic film, featuring our very own Mike Berry, Regional Director of Vitamin T UK!

If you weren't there, here's some of what was covered, debated, and discussed (many of which were streamed and are now available via Livetream).

  • What Tech City? – Celebrated Tech City's future and the people and organisations that shape it.
  • Tomorrow's World – Explored the social and technological changes disrupting the digital space.
  • Future Brands – Explained the next challenges and opportunities in advertising and consumer engagement.
  • Capital & Growth – Showed how to raise capital, grow your business, and be more profitable.
  • Behavioural Design Day – Probed the mechanisms of influencing behaviour (and given by giants of behavioural economics and user experience).

We think our London Agent Michael Thorpe summed it up best: "Digital Shoreditch is like a English full breakfast: everything you need on one plate."

In case you missed an outstanding smorgasbord, you can still queue up to the Shoreditch site for tasty tidbits.

And if you didn’t make it this year, we hope to see you the next!

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