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Catch Up On The Latest Internet Trends: Webbys Announces their 2015 Awards Host


It’s that time of the year again. No, we’re not talking spring (which seems to have left our home office in Boston in the lurch); it’s time for the Webby Awards!

Nominees will be announced April 7th and the show will air May 18th, but first things first: This year’s host!

It’s just been announced that comedian, actor, writer, and cookie suit wearing Hannibal Buress will be serving as host and strictly enforcing the 5-word acceptance speech rule at the 19th annual event in NYC. (Yes, the Webbys are 19 years old.)

From Broad City to the Justin Bieber roast, this guy is figuratively everywhere these days. Haven’t heard of him? Don’t worry about it! The folks at the Webbys have put together a nice little Hannibal Buress primer for you.

After you’ve gotten up to speed on this Hannibal, don’t forget to enter the Live Like a Winner contest for a chance to win a free trip to the Webbys!

If you do win, please don’t wear a big Pharell hat to the event. We’ll probably be sitting behind you.

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