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Can Companies Be “Anti-Racist?”


“Eliminate the notion of privilege, [that] some people are better than others.”

– John Chuang, Aquent/Vitamin T CEO

Executive perks like prime parking spaces, fancy offices, and administrative assistants set the stage for racial bias and other forms of discrimination. So says Aquent/Vitamin T CEO John Chuang, who has created a flat, egalitarian workplace. Aquent and Vitamin T provide temporary staffing so it’s technically part of the gig economy, but all Aquent and Vitamin T workers are classified as employees, receiving health insurance, paid sick days, and other worker protections. “The US built its social safety net system around the employer-employee relationship,” Chuang says, “and as soon as you call them 1099 workers, you circumvent that.”

This article originally appeared on Quartz.

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