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Build Your Digital Creative Team with our Quickhire!

***SPOILER ALERT: (mostly) shameless pitch for a cool tool we created follows...

You can imagine, as a creative talent agency, how often we get calls from clients who need help building digital creative teams, what with technology changing literally every day.

(If you just imagined “a lot”, give yourself two points.)

It was for that reason, and several others we won’t bother you with, we created our new Quickhire tool, the answer to all those burning questions about what resources are needed to get creative projects done. For many clients, they already have several key roles in place and just don’t know what roles and key skills they need to make a project really awesome.

So, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between, we present to you, the TEAM BUILDER!

Okay, now that the big intro is over, we’d love for you to check out the actual tool and tell us what you think. Either:
  • Jump right in to our Quickhireoverview to see:
    • Creative roles needed on lots of different projects (with descriptions)
    • Key skills expected from talent in each role
  • Check out some of our most requested projects below and hone right in on the project that plagues you (or piques your interest) most.

Easy, right?

Sure, every company wants a Facebook page, but many times they're not quite sure what to do with it once they’ve got one (like many of our parents). You need an expert (or team of experts) to make the most of this grandaddy of all social media platforms. Aren't you dying to know who is on your Facebook team?

Fact: It takes most companies 18 months to kick off a website redesign project. Okay, that’s not a fact, but it does seem to take a really long time. Once you’ve got your idea people, your development people, and your project people, you can get that redesign in underway pronto. How many design talent does it take to redesign a website?.

From idea to execution to the all-important button, great Flash banner folks do more than just create banners, they get results. And before you ask, we still get lots of requests for incredible Flash talent. See if you can guess at least two of the six roles before you check this team out (hint: they have “Flash” in their titles).

You have your faves, and so does everyone else, but do you know the right people—the ones with the smartest ideas, best experience and finest hands-on skills—to make your app really take off? In a crowded marketplace, you’d better. Find out who you need to make your mobile app stand out from the crowd.

From a compelling subject line to the Call To Action copy that gets your target audience to act, act, act, you need an Email Marketing team that garners open rates so high that your CEO takes you all out for a victory dinner. Click here for a great subject line.

We know there are TONS of projects out there—we’re just getting started! We’d love to know which projects YOU would like to see. Let us know what you think.

We’d love your input!

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