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Beware the Zombie Apocalypse! (and Spread the Word)


The Zombie Apocalypse is happening NOW! You heard it here first (or maybe second or third but still, we care enough to tell you again anyway). We tried to warn you, but you just wouldn’t listen. We designed a whole infographic to outline the dangers, but no. You didn’t believe.

And just when you thought we still had a few months before the world was going to end, it could be right around the corner! So much for the staff holiday party.

Instead, it’s time to watch the train wreck (you know you wanna)...

Be the first on your block the see the apocalypse in action by using our Super Top Secret Zombie Apocalypse Viewer. Zombies, zombies, EVERYWHERE!

Just type the URL of your favorite site into our viewer to see the havoc being wreaked all over the webosphere.

And maybe next time - if there IS a next time - you’ll believe us.

(Get your own Zombie protection here and learn how temp-to-perm can save the world - before it’s too late.)

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