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Avoiding Fire Drills: Getting the Right Creative Team FAST

Source: Sarah G

You've been wooing a new client for six months and you just got the go-ahead for that big project you've been pursuing. Congratulations—but now you need a digital creative team in place today to start delivering on everything you've promised. With the top interactive talent in high demand, how are you going to get the right people in the door now?

Well, the good news is we've got you covered (shameless promotion follows). The even better news is that we know how to help you avoid the fire drill situation for next time. Here are some tips on using Vitamin T to find the best creative talent so you can get back to winning more great projects and making great creative happen.

  • Tell us the big picture. Talk with your agent now about the big initiatives you have for the coming year so they'll have a sense of the emerging skills you need. This way, we can actively seek out that in-demand talent ahead of time. We can interview them, uncovering skill set and fit for your team, and have them ready to roll much faster when you need them.

  • Preview candidates. Before you win new business, give us a jingle and let us know what might be in store. Just pitch the business and call us. In fact, there's no harm in previewing candidates while you're still in the pitch phase. This way, you're presented with creative talent ahead of time so you know when you win the deal you have a stellar team ready to hit the ground running.

  • Strike the right balance. Let us know your budget constraints so we can advise you on market rates - and where you can be flexible - helping you find the best balance of skill set and cost for your creative team. For example, offloading some tasks to a mid-level designer might free up additional funds for that amazing mobile developer you need. Use your agent as a resource, and they'll get you the right team at the right price.

  • Show us the warts. Let us in on the good and bad of your work environment. Really, we want to know. It'll help us find the right personality matches who'll thrive on your team. In fact, show us. We're happy to come to your site so we can set great expectations for candidates before they even meet you and get them even more excited about the opportunity to work with you.

  • Tell us where it hurts. Share your pain points and aspirations for the project (and for your department), and we'll be better equipped to connect you with exactly the right creative talent. And since we're continually sourcing the best talent out there, we're a good resource to consult about emerging, in-demand skill sets and how best to fill in gaps on your existing team.

  • Respond quickly. When you're competing for amazing talent, swift feedback is essential. These folks get snapped up quickly so acting fast is key to make sure you get the first choice of the top creative talent.

Of course, if you're already in the fire drill stage, call us anyway. We have lots of amazing talent ready to put that fire out and help make you look like a hero.

Want to avoid that fire drill? Connect with an Agent now.

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