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Announcing Our New Partnership with IAB UK


“Defining the future of digital advertising.” That's what our new partner, Internet Advertising Bureau UK, says about themselves.

We couldn’t agree more. (Well, we could, but that’d be a bit cheeky, don’t you think?)

That’s why we're partnering with them, so we’ll be able to share all the latest developments in the digital advertising world, each and every month.

We’ll also be collaborating on articles, as well as creating IAB exclusive events designed to keep you at the forefront of all the latest technologies in digital advertising.

As the trade association for digital advertising IAB’s members include most of the UK’s leading brands, media owners, and agencies. Pretty good pick for a partner, wouldn’t you say?

And while you’re waiting for our next post, feel free to pop over to their site to find:

And in the meantime, stay tuned here on our site for digital trends from our research and the rest of our partners. If you really don’t want to miss anything, just sign up for updates (just enter your email address over there to the right).

We’re here for you.

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