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An Event Apart Video: Luke Wroblewski’s Mobile First!

You already know (if you’re not entirely new to this site) what huge fans we are of An Event Apart. Such huge, nerdy fans, in fact, that we’re proudly sponsoring all seven events this year from Atlanta to San Francisco.

Which is why we we’re psyched to see that they are sharing the Mobile First! session given by one of our favorite speakers, Luke Wroblewski. Luke was Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! and cofounded Bagcheck, which was acquired by Twitter just nine months after its public launch. Like all the AEA speakers, he’s no slouch.

In this session (shown in its hour long entirety) Luke takes us through three very compelling reasons why web applications should be designed for mobile first:

  • Mobile is exploding - Heavy mobile data users are projected to triple to one billion by 2013
  • Mobile forces you to focus - Mobile devices require software development teams to focus on only the most important data and actions in an application
  • Mobile extends your capabilities - New mobile application platforms are introducing exciting capabilities that leave many PC-based Web browsers behind

And just so you don’t think he’s blowing smoke, the title comes from none other than Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, who indeed has put “Mobile First.”

Luke wrote a whole book on the subject - so consider this a great primer to that.

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