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An Event Apart - Boston Style


No, we’re not going to do a fake Boston accent (our Boston staff would kill us if we did), but we’re ecstatic once again to be at An Event Apart (AEA) - Boston for yet another great sold-out event.

Mostly sold out. Tickets, as of this posting, are still available forLuke Wroblewski’s stellar Designing for Mobile & Beyond one-day workshop.

Whether you’re a front end developer, designer, or writer, we can’t recommend highly enough that you make an effort to go to an AEA event.

(BTW, if you are a front end developer and in the Boston area, we’ve got TONS of jobs available. Check out the Boston job list, contact our Boston staff, or say hi to any of the overly friendly local Vitamin T agents at our table at the AEA event.)

Now back to the event....

AEA is always nothing short of amazing. With such illustrious founders as Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman (who was just named the first-ever Hall of Fame member at SXSW 2012), how could it not be? Here’s a glimpse at the lineup for this one:

  • Content First! - Jeffrey Zeldman, author, Designing with Web Standards
  • The Curious Properties of Intuitive Web Pages - Jared Spool, Founder, User Interface Engineering
  • Handcrafted Patterns - Dan Cederholm, Co-founder,
  • Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content - Karen McGrane, Founder, Bond Art & Science
  • Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves - Ethan Marcotte, Author, Responsive Web Design
  • The Future of CSS - Eric Meyer, Author, CSS: The Definitive Guide

The event is always one room and one track for everyone, which means you won’t be running from location to location trying to catch your next session and - bonus - you really get a chance to connect with one group of people who you’ll be seeing over the two or three days you’re there.

As we said, our team will be there in full force, so come by our table and get the latest on the interactive market from our agents, pick up some of our cool swag, and register to win a Kindle Fire.

Can’t make it? Check out the Live Feed during the show, and don’t forget, there are 4 more An Event Apart events left for this year:

We’ll be at all of them! Hope to see you there?

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