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An Event Apart 2015 Dates Announced

Source: Jeffrey Zeldman

It’s here! The long awaited announcement for the 2015 An Event Apart shows!

The premiere event for People Who Make Websites (designers, front end developers, UX designers, etc.) there will once again be 8 shows in 8 different Vitamin T cities: Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Austin, and San Francisco.

As always, we recommend that you start planning early. Many of their shows sell out months in advance and you don’t want to be left out.

Check out the speaker lineup below from 2014 and you’ll see just what caliber of talent we’re talking about:

  • Jared Spool (Founder, User Interface Engineering)

  • Jake Archibald (Google)

  • Samantha Warren (Twitter, Style Tiles)

  • Scott Berkun (The Year Without Pants)

  • Andrew Clark (Hardboiled Web Design)

  • Josh Clark (Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps)

  • Chris Coyier (

  • Erika Hall (Just Enough Research)

  • Kristina Halvorson (Content Strategy for the Web)

  • Val Head (The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations)

  • Paul Irish (Modernizr, HTML5 Boilerplate)

  • Jeremy Keith (HTML5 For Web Designers)

  • Jenn Lukas (Ladies in Tech, The Pastry Box Project)

  • Dan Mall (Typedia)

  • Mat Marquis (The Filament Group)

  • Mike Monteiro (Design Is A Job)

  • Nick Sherman (Font Bureau, Webtype)

  • Jeffrey Zeldman (Founder, Happy Cog and A List Apart)

  • Lea Verou (CSS Secrets)

  • Luke Wroblewski (Mobile First)

See you there?

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