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We understand that looking for a job is a job in itself. So, to save you time and help you seal the deal on the best opportunities out there, we put our best job searching tips all in one place. The best part? The pros dropping knowledge make a living at finding other people jobs—our very own Vitamin T recruiters and agents—and each tip is a quick 1- to 2-minute video. Which leaves you plenty of time for everything else. Here’s a sneak peek of all the gems you’ll find.

The intro: Résumés

You know a résumé is like the cover to the book of your life. So it’s gotta be eye-catching (and typo-free). Plus, during these pandemic times, you might have learned new skills, been saddled with different responsibilities at your current job, or even found yourself in search of a new job—there are many reasons your résumé likely needs a refresher. Learn tips for creating your résumé, how to handle gaps in work history, the three biggest no-nos, and how to optimize it.  

Make them swipe right: The Online Game

Your résumé isn’t the only hook for interviewers. Think about what else they might find about you online (or what you might share). Our recruiters share strategies like how to tell a story with your portfolio and why your sunglasses selfie might not be best for your LinkedIn profile. (For a deep dive into making the most of LinkedIn, check out our blog posts Are You Making The Most Of LinkedIn To Build Your Personal Brand? and LinkedIns & Outs: Get Noticed and Find Opportunities.)                                      


First date: The Interview

Glassdoor estimates that on average 250 people apply for every job, so kudos for making it to the interview. But our recruiters know that’s just the beginning. Now you have to worry if you stack up as well in person (or at least on Zoom) as on paper. We got you. In addition to how to prepare, we cover researching a company, the worst question someone ever asked in an interview and why thank you notes matter. Bonus tip: Check your teeth.  


In a relationship: The Job

Our recruiters are so hardworking that they don’t stop giving advice when you get the job. They even have ideas for putting your best foot forward once you start—especially if you’re starting remotely because of the pandemic. In more normal times, you’d be able to bump into people while grabbing a coffee in the kitchen or shaking hands in a conference room. Now, you’ve got to identify yourself among a sea of Zoomers or Slack avatars


The wild card: The Career Management Doc

Raise your virtual hand if you never heard of a career management document until you read that headline? And that’s exactly why you need to check out our job tips page because our recruiters spend their workdays (and many weekends) helping people find jobs. A career management doc helps you customize your résumé to the job. A must when you’re competing against 249 others vying for the interview and ultimately the position. It’s a running history of all your accomplishments, from a presentation you delivered to helping out a charity with its social media efforts. Think hundreds of bullet points. Find out how to create one and then use it to easily tailor your résumé for every job application. 

Now, you can save your energy for the job search itself. Get prepared by bookmarking this handy dandy page, which is chock full of everything you need to snag that position. We’re releasing new videos weekly, so check back often or follow the hashtag #AskVitaminT on your favorite social media platform.

Happy hunting!

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