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A Love Note from Vitamin T on Our Anniversary!


A note from our president, Susie Hall:

I'm excited to share that today Vitamin T celebrates our 3rd anniversary!!

I vividly remember watching our site to go live at 10:40 pm PT on April 28, 2011, as we launched a new division of Aquent and began our highly specialized mission: to help agencies and mid-size companies find the best digital creatives imaginable.

There were fireworks (in my head, at least), and we were ridiculously excited about the journey ahead.

It was a risk, no doubt.

Could we take part of our well established global Aquent brand and build a division with a new look and feel - and more importantly an operational structure that truly helped that unique set of customers find IN DEMAND digital creative Talent and job opportunities FAST?!

Thankfully, through a lot of tireless efforts and the belief of our staff, that answer has been a resounding YES! In just 3 years, we have grown so much: from the incredible staff members who have joined us to the literally thousands of clients and talent we've helped find their perfect match. We have so many people to thank, but we all agree, we couldn't have grown one bit without the amazing customers who have helped us launch this playful but effective brand we all love!

SO THANK YOU for taking a leap of faith with us and helping us prove that:

  • Specialization DOES matter! As the only talent agency who focuses on agencies and mid-sized companies, we have proven that taking the time to know your clients helps you help MORE of them, faster. And that helps us find even more work for our Talent.
  • Customer service is KEY! By measuring our brand through bi-monthly customer surveys to ensure customer satisfaction and respond quickly to feedback, we have increased our NPS results by 32%, achieving Best of Staffing awards this year for both Clients and Talent.
  • Innovating our matching process was CRITICAL! As a whole organization, Aquent and Vitamin T have created new ways to assess our talent, including Expert Interviews for hands-on technical skills leveraging true experts to make sure our Talent are the best out there.
  • Giving back is more important than ever. We've been pioneers in the staffing industry for almost 28 years, so it's no surprise that we're the first to create free online training for digital creatives to help our clients and our Talent learn key skills to get ahead.  

All that said, we've got a long way to grow!

After almost 15 years here at Aquent, one thing I know for certain: we will NEVER stop listening to our customers and coming up with new ways to solve their problems. Ever. And we now have a whole bunch of terrific "Vitamins" around the globe to make sure next year is even better for our clients, our Talent, and our brand.

So thanks again to everyone who has helped Vitamin T possible.

As part of our commitment to service, we believe in access, and I would love to hear from you!

You can find me in lots of places:
323 475 7374

Happy Anniversary, dearest Vitamins!

Your biggest fan,


Susie Hall

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