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Learn to Boost Your Portfolio from London’s Hottest Creatives

Source: Jack Woodhouse

We recently partnered with the lovely folk at The Dots for one of their amazing monthly Portfolio Masterclass Safaris.

These masterclasses give emerging creatives the opportunity to sit with industry leaders and receive honest feedback on how to improve their portfolio or showreel in some of London’s most iconic venues and workplaces (think Google, BBH, Royal Academy of Arts, Pentagram, AKQA, and ASOS).

If you’re lucky enough to live in London, we strongly recommend you registering your interest in upcoming events at The Dots site.

Regardless of where you live, you can benefit from checking out our event interviews and get some great tips from some of the best minds in the industry!

Jen Louis, Global Creative Strategist, Facebook

Michael Stephens, Head of Graphic Design, Liberty

Stephen Owens, Executive Creative Director, Landor

Sarah Ellis-Jones, Director | Business Development, Vitamin T

Joel Kitzmiller, Founder & Creative Director, Master (Former Executive Creative Director, VICE) 

Jack Renwick, Creative Director, Renwick Studios and D&AD Judge 

James Greenfield, Co-founder, Koto 

Valeria Hedman, Co-Founder, Studio Transfer & Principal Founder, BirdWatching 

Thea Hamren, Associate Creative Director, Mr President 

Emma Sexton, Founder & Creative Director, Make Your Words Work & Ex-Director of SheSays 

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