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Ageism Is Alive and Well

Perceptions about the value of mature age workers are distorted, misplaced, and totally incorrect. And there are many, many studies that bear this out.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion • Insights & Trends

Learn, Teach, Build. 3 Ways to Engage Your Organization in Design

Tips from senior design leaders on how to ensure design gets its place as a strategic lever that drives results.

Marketing & Creative • Managing & Leading Teams

Don’t Ignore the Side Effects of Remote Work. Take Action.

Team leaders take a look at some of the challenges of heading up a virtual team and give solutions for overcoming them.

Remote Work • Marketing & Creative

Get the 2021 Salary Guide and All the Juicy Details

Over 100 roles in marketing, design, and development, based on real-time data collected from nearly 20,000 professionals.

Compensation • Insights & Trends

Interviewing? Better Have Answers to These 7 Questions

We want you to be ultra prepared to woo your potential employer, so we gathered 7 questions to get you into the interview mindset.

Career Advice

14 Best Interview Questions for Creatives

Finding great creative talent can be tricky. And finding great creative talent who also jibe with your company culture can be even trickier. Here are the 14 most critical qualitative questions to understand how they work, what makes them tick, if they’re right for you—and if you’re right for them. Keep in mind that quantitative questions are also essential to help mitigate unconscious bias. Happy hiring!

Recruiting & Hiring • Marketing & Creative • Design & Experience

Google Algorithm Changing: Brands Need to Make UX a Priority

Google recently announced that user experience (UX) will factor heavily into their site rankings starting in 2021. Take a look at how UX is changing the digital—really the business—landscape, and what you can do to keep up.

Insights & Trends • Design & Experience

We’re Living on Social, but Are Brands Living Up?

The prevalence and relevance of social media simply can’t be denied. It’s primarily how brands are communicating during these unprecedented times. What are they saying? And are consumers buying it?

Insights & Trends • Marketing & Creative

Aquent/Vitamin T Announce Three-pronged Initiative to Foster Racial Equality and Social Justice

Company educates staff on social justice, ensures they have time to vote, and makes financial commitment to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion