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8 Great Takeaways from An Event Apart 2013

Source: Jeffrey Zeldman

With eight shows in eight cities, it was hard to just pick eight of our favorite takeaways and fondest moments, but we felt we couldn’t keep you here all day (we realize there’s eggnogg to drink).

If you didn’t go to An Event Apart in 2013, start making plans now for 2014. And even if you did go this year, be sure to go next year; though cities are the same, the shows will be all new. You just have to find a place to cram all that information.

We know your eggnog is getting warm, so here goes:

  1. Luke Wroblewski’s lecture notes - It’s like being able to look over the shoulder of the smartest guy in the class. He covers many of the talks, including Jared Spool’s “It’s a Great Time To Be a UX Designer” and Samantha Warren’s “Style Tiles.”
  2. We were pumped by Mike Monteiro’s talk, “How Designers Destroyed the World.” We were even more pumped we could get brain food from the man the New Yorker called “delightfully hostile” by reading his book “Design is a Job.”
  3. Links to speaker’s sites, Github pages, etc. - All speakers from past and present events list all their links in the profile pages at each event. Just click in each event to find.
  4. We loved Jessica Hische’s “Upping Your Type Game” so much that we were fairly ecstatic that she shared it on her blog.
  5. The Marshmallow Challenge - Keith Hoffman suggested it, we keep planning to do it, but everyone keeps eating all the marshmallows before we start.
  6. Jeffrey Zeldman’s photos - He’s covered almost every AEA city/event as Flickr sets. Is there anything this guy can’t do?
  7. We tracked down the ’the cloud is a lie” t-shirt Jeremy Keith was wearing over at stml. Now our lives are complete.
  8. Responsive Web Design - We weren’t just taking notes, we create a whole course around it on Aquent Gymnasium. Oh, and it’s free.

See you at the shows in 2014!

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