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8 Best Tools and Tricks for Designers


It's our first Webby Connect blog post from The Webby Awards!

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Whether you're a designer by trade or for kicks, the Web is full of tools and tricks to help you hone your craft.

We Webby Connecters (unofficial nickname) have combed the depths of the Web to find eight of the best apps, sites, and plug-ins to assist you in all your designing endeavors. From color coders to on-the-go editors and more, you'll be uttering phrases like "Font? I think you mean typeface," in no time.


 Speaking of "typefaces," is home to 50+ unique typefaces from designers around the world. Whether you like your fonts to be Lincoln-inspired or reminiscent of national parks, LostType has you covered. Typefaces range in price depending on usage, and all sales go straight to the designers.


Should you find yourself in the happy position of designing for clients, you'll need easy access to their assets. Get logos and guidelines from tons of big and well-known brands – like Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, and more – through this convenient site.

3. Sketch Mirror (iOS)

Mac users: This one's for you. A companion app for Sketch on the Mac, Sketch Mirror ($4.99 in the App Store) lets you preview your Mac-created designs on iOS devices while you work on them. Wi-Fi required.


This insanely fun and simple tool lets you create and save your own color schemes with a simple move of the mouse and provides HTML code on the spot.

5. Patternizer

You know what's as much fun as creating colors? Creating patterns. Patternizer's super simple tools let you design your own patterns in a matter of minutes. Then just save and/or share your creation and grab its code for later use.

6. LayerVault

If you're working with a team, check out LayerVault: This great site eliminates the need for shared drives and weird file names (farewell, ClientDesign_rev3_gm_vers2.pdf), letting you create, collaborate, and share comments and revisions in the comfort of the cloud.

7. Pixlr Editor

Once upon a time, you needed an expensive copy of Photoshop to do real photo editing. Now you just need the great (and free) Chrome extension, Pixlr Editor, that lets you fix, edit, and manage your images all within your browser.

8. Design Tools

There's no doubt you spend a lot of time on the go. So designing from your device should be easy. With Design Tools (free in the App Store) it is. This app puts useful tools in your pocket, like measurement generators for different paper and digital sizes, color and unit conversion tools, and more.

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