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7 Tools For A More Efficient New Year


The Holidays are upon us and many of us are prepping for, if are not already, in vacation mode. But what to do about the emails and meeting requests earnestly filling up your inbox? No out-of-office response is strong enough kryptonite to dissuade you from checking your calendar for the year ahead. Fret not, for we’ve a few handy app and extension recommendations to help remedy this crisis. So, keep the eggnog warm and read below—when you get back to your desk after the holidays, you'll be ready and organized to take on 2016!

1. Calendly

As our compadres at Netted, our daily email for better living through the Internet, have demonstrated, this app is your sidekick for keeping your meetings aligned and in sync. Calendly is a free app integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365, keeping your meetings together, for a harmonious schedule.

2. Mixmax

This Google plugin will usher you into a new year of email design, functionality and experience. Besides allowing you to scheduling meetings in a few, simple clicks; record who opens your emails; and scheduled messages, with MixMax, you can send polls or surveys now too. Even better: Create email templates to save even more time.

3. Jolidrive

The team behind this cloud-based organizational system describe their product’s maxim as such: “No need to download files anymore.” With Jolidrive all the services you use—from Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox or Pocket—are unified and categorized in this easily-accessible interface which works across devices for those of you who are always moving.

4. FileThis

Keep losing docs? FileThis stays one step ahead of you by automatically gathering all of your documents, storing them as digitally searchable PDFs. From the next great American novel to your monthly car bill, your records will be safe in FileThis’ security measures: 256 bit encryption and ongoing monitoring.

5. Todoist

Whether you’re an 11th hour Christmas gift shopper, or you want to make the best-ever guest list for your New Year’s party, or you're simply just back at the office and have plenty to do, this apps for you. Todoist is an intuitive task manager that lets you share lists and projects with others. Because it syncs across all your devices, your team will be ready to get things done.

6. DaisyDisk

Don’t let your most essential tool get bogged down and cluttered. A slow computer will prevent you from the task(s) at hand, so, begin 2016 with a spruced up hard drive. DaisyDisk will analyze your disk storage and recommend unwanted files to delete. That way, you’re off and running in the new year.

7. Tomato Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a proven time management skill for staying on track while being more productive and focussed. With the Tomato Timer, stay on target and keep distractions at bay with this delicious-sounding tool for breaking your projects into 25-minute blocks.

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