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7 Stages of Job Hunting


When you’ve been looking for a job for an eternity, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a glass case of emotion. We’ve all been there, through the highs and lows but great news is that it’s only temporary, so don’t stop believing!

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1. Determination

Let’s do this.

Updated resume ✅
Killer cover letter ✅
Refreshed portfolio ✅

New-job-ville, here we come.

2. Confidence

The world is your oyster! You’re the networking queen/king and LinkedIn Premium is your kingdom.

Psh, this is going to be a piece of cake.

3. Confusion

Shortly after your fingers start cramping…. Inbox: 0?!

Wait but I reached out to like 100 recruiters, at least.

4. Anger

You had a couple promising interviews and firm handshakes, but still no offers. Not even a rejection call.

You start scrolling through your feed thinking, You think you’re SO COOL with your new project, your super cool new VR campaign and your exclusively cool new business.

5. Depression

You start getting up late, stop brushing your hair and all your tabs switched from job sites to food blogs and listicles of cute cats.

Forever at home.

6.  Hope

But then, your newly-employed friend tells you about Vitamin T. You sign up and discover the team of people who will find the perfect creative job to fit your one-of-a-kind skills.

You pass by the mirror on the way to your first shower of the week and you see something strange… is that a smile?! Yes.

7. Celebration

After months of searching and empty pizza boxes… you found a match.


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