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7 Passive Aggressive Notes You May Or May Not Have Written


Everyone knows what it looks like. The friend who perpetually arrives late. The co-worker who neglects to return e-mail messages. The very words: “Nothing. I’m just thinking.”

- The New York Times

It’s an unavoidable aspect of working life: passive aggressive behavior. Given the stress and demands of the workaday routine, we all from time to time exhibit passive aggressive tendencies towards our co-workers. Yet, a step removed, these passive aggressive moment become humorous and allow us to laugh off our annoyance with workplace banalities.

After we engaged our audience on social media and searched the Internet (and our email archives), we are pleased to highlight some of the best and most hilarious passive aggressive notes.

1) You really don’t want to mess with the snacks in the office. This email regarding a partially eaten granola bar that was put back into its open wrapper, occurred here at The Webby Awards.

SUBJECT: eater of snack

to the person who thought it was reasonable to open up a communal 'kind bar', eat one bite, then return the bar back to the box and reseal it, i have questions for you:

did this seem like a reasonable idea at the time?
did you think no one would notice?
how did you get this far in life?
are you a mouse?
are you sleep eating in the office?
did you enjoy your single bite? i hope you did...
did you think, 'oh someone will eat the rest of this'? because that's silly

exhibit a:

first email

2) Irony is passive aggressiveness 101. And the dishwasher or sink is a landmine for passive aggressive confrontation with your co-workers. Do the dishes or expect no quarter in the kitchen.

h/t imugr 

3) Pizza parties are awesome unless, of course, you don’t/won’t/can’t/ eat any. But if you only want a bite or two of some za, perhaps opt for a Bagel Bite instead?



4) That awkward feeling when you work with someone with the same name as you and they freeload off all your delicious Lipton Green Tea. The audacity.


5) The water cooler is often the central hang-around space in an office. Not so much though if there’s no water there to be had. So, in a glass-half-full kind of way, let’s raise a glass to whoever made this passive aggressive note.


6) The art of the meme. Our generation’s haiku. Our raison d’être passive aggressive. Jerry

h/t Unified Social

7) Back at it again, Webbys? Yep, another one. No pun intended, but we’ve cleaned up our act since these two incidents.

SUBJECT: Is this office now a Container Store?

Is this office now a Container Store or are we still The Webbys? Because, if it's a Container Store, that makes sense. We have a crazy amount of tupperware and containers stacked in the kitchen. I mean, it makes sense, I get it, It's probably lucrative to operate a wholesale container business from the kitchen.

But if we're not a container store (which I highly doubt is this case, since we're obviously stockpiling for the holidays. Expecting big numbers for day after xmas sale!) then maybe we should take home our respective tupperware?

Remind me, what is our URL,

second email

*Bonus Material* Passive aggressiveness at its best worst.

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