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7 Mistakes On Social Media That Could Ruin Your Job Prospects

Source: Lee Haywood

Potential employers are likely to check your social media profiles at some point during the hiring process to get a better sense of your interests, personality, likes, and, well, to make sure you’re human and not a bot. That said, what you choose to share and how you display yourself online shouldn’t spoil your chances of landing the job.

Of all the social media platforms that employers check, the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where they want to see that you're qualified, a company culture fit, and to take account of your professionalism in terms of social conduct. So, for now, your Tinder and Hinge accounts are safe, but why not make them private anyway?

Here are seven tips for ensuring your social accounts do well by your image and job prospects.

1. Appropriate Content

    If you like to party and have a good time, fine. The general principle here is, if your mom wouldn’t want to see it, don’t post it to your social accounts.

      2. No Hate Zone

      Don’t rack up bad karma points - you never know who you’ll meet at a job interview. Odds are, they’ll know someone at your last company.

      3. Good Communication Is Key

        Not saying you need to be Shakespeare, but your future boss will want to see that you can write cogently (even in emoji).

        4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

          Everyone’s got opinions but the office isn’t the place to air them.

          5. Be Proud Of Your Qualifications

            Online, we can be our superlative selves so long as we’re honest. For instance, we put up flattering photos as our profile pics but not one of Ryan Gosling. Unless, that is, you are Ryan Gosling.

            6. Keep A Professional Image

              Save your wild side for when you’re out of the office. Remember, weekend warriors, it’s a cubicle not a stage.

              7. Be Creative/Show Us Your Work

                Your social media accounts are where you display your unique story. So, showcase your inner artist, your hobbies - the things that’ll be great for icebreakers as well as for the general company culture.

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