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6 Resources and Must Read Articles for Full Stack Developers


Okay, we don’t quite have jetpacks to pass along, but these resources are a heck of a lot safer and free to boot!

(BTW, those jetpacks use Windows Vista as their OS, just in case you’re considering purchasing one.)

Have a full stack pass along? Let us know in comments!


What’s New in OS 9 for Web Developers

O’Reilly Media author and globe-trotting trainer Maximiliano Firtman wrote a comprehensive developer’s update on iOS9, the new devices (6S series and iPad Pro), and the new OSs from Apple (watchOS 2 and tvOS 9).

From 3D Touch to the return of Performance Timing API, there’s a lot to know!


Recipes to Build REST APIs with Node.js

No full stack breakfast is complete without these tools, packages, and utilities cooked up by developer Andrea Tarquini to create REST APIs.

He’s divided everything into three easy to eat sections: Core Frameworks, Useful Packages and Libraries, and Development and Testing Packages & Tools.

Bon appétit!

web services

How We Ended Up with Microservices

Developer and Director of Core Engineering at SoundCloud Phil Calçado was responsible for the migration from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a constellation of microservices.

Phil has done countless presentations on the technical side of his story, but only recently did he realize how many people were dying to understand how we ended up using microservices in the first place. A great article!


Understanding Critical CSS

Let software developer, Google developer expert, author of the book Dean Hume and Smashing Magazine show you a few simple strategies to make websites faster.

If you find it a bit Development 101, the Smashing Magazine editors suggest sharing it with your clients and any less seasoned developers you happen to know. Smart, eh?


The Full Stack Developer

It seems there are as many misconceptions around full stack as there are around UX.

Case in point: software engineer Mark Paluch read a story about full stack developers being mythological (not our similarly titled post, below) and realized there’s no uniform understanding what “full stack developer” actually means.

He wrote this article on Medium to try to set the record straight.


The Myth of the Full Stack Developer

Speaking of full stack myths, senior developer at Aquent, CTO for nuCloud, and author of "dotCMS From the Ground Up" Michael Fienen explains why full stack developers are for real. Then goes on to prove that Webmasters are also still alive and kicking!

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