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6 Great Tools for Developers


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We at Webby Connect are always searching for essential tools to take a project from good to great. (That's what the elevation of craft is about, after all.)

Whether you're a seasoned Web developer looking to save time or a hobbyist hoping to strike gold with a brilliant new app, the following six tools will help take your project to the next level. Consider this list a matter of dev-ine intervention.

1. Bugherd

Clients. You can't live with ‘em, but you definitely can't live without 'em. Open the lines of communication with Bugherd and get a full bug report with every piece of client feedback. It transforms bugs and notes directly into a set of actionable tasks. No infuriating email chains necessary.

2. Karma

As a developer, you know full well that testing is an essential part of your job. But it shouldn't be a torturous one. With Karma, it's the opposite. Karma's goal is simple: to provide a productive testing environment. Get instant feedback on your code, test it across different devices, easily debug code, and more.

3. Grunt

Your time is valuable which is why you need the right plugins to do the grunt work for you. That's where Grunt comes in. Configure it properly, and it automates all those repetitive little tasks, like unit testing, compilation, etc., so that you and your team can get back to business.


Real talk? Installing an Apache Web server isn't typically anyone's idea of a great time. But it's a whole lot better if you use XAMPP. This free, easy-to-install, Apache distribution for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux contains MySQL, PHP, and Perl and is here to make your job much easier.

5. Codea

Codea is an iPad app ($9.99) that lets you bring to life just about any visual idea you have for the iPad. Designed for touch, Codea allows you to make changes with the swipe of a finger and interact with your code in a whole new way. It's so easy to use that WIRED called it "the Garage Band of coding." Music to our ears.

6. Load Impact

Test your site to see if it’s up to snuff when it comes to handling hits. Hypothetical high-traffic scenarios like, "What if Justin Bieber tweets my URL?" are resolved with a thorough analysis of just how many visitors your site can take at once.

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