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5 UX Leaders You Need to Follow

Source: Jeffrey Zeldman

You read the book. You saw the video.

Now it’s time to do the Twitter dance.

We put together this short list of UX experts that—if you’re at all into User Experience—you absolutely must follow.

If you’re looking for spot on advice, these ladies and gentlemen won’t disappoint.

And if you long for a more robust (i.e., longer) list, check out our Vitamin T approved UX Twitter list. Topping out at well over 70 experts, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

jared thumb
Jared Spool

“If you aren’t talking about your  design’s personas in every design meeting, you aren’t earning back your investment.”

Could there be a UX expert list that doesn’t contain the venerable Jared Spool? That answer is no. No wonder, he’s co-creator or UX Thursday, a cornerstone of most An Event Aparts, and he also heads up the amazing User Interface Engineering.


whitney hess thumb
Whitney Hess


“User Interface is a street light. User Experience is an evening stroll.”

She leads an international user experience consultancy and is the author of the popular blog Pleasure and Pain. Her mission statement: “Empathy builds empires.” If that doesn’t say User Experience, we don’t know what does.

aaron small
Aarron Walter


“Should designers trust their instincts or their data? … /ht @jasongraphix

Director of @MailChimpUX and author of A Book Apart’s Designing for Emotion. ‘Nuff said.

andy budd
Andy Budd

“Design proposals are usually beautifully crafted works of fiction, based on little practical insight #clientsdeservebetter

One of the founding partners at user experience design consultancy, Clearleft and a regular speaker at international conferences like An Event Apart and SXSW, he also curates dConstruct and is responsible for UX London. We wouldn’t be surprised if he was figuring out the secrets of the universe in his spare time.

jane pyle
Jane Pyle

@Apple should give more prominence to the Directions feature in Apple Maps. Too small text, at the bottom of the page, for a key feature.”

Lead user experience designer of mobile apps at Genentech, consider her your go-to resource when it comes to experiences for mobile applications.

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