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5 Tools to Help You Excel at Work


How many times have you sat down at your desk with the intent to get something done, only to get sucked into a vortex of unanswered emails, meeting invites, etc., that take up your entire day? We get it (we live in the digital world, too). But while the web creates myriad distractions for us to contend with at work, it also has some pretty amazing tools to help us cut through those inefficiencies and get things done.

Our editors at Netted have picked out 5 apps and services to help you stop wasting time and excel at your job.

  1. Spend much of your work day trying to dig up old email correspondences, locating files, and just trying to remember when you spoke to Jerry about that thing (was it April 2014? Was it even Jerry?). AnyFetch solves that. It's a sidebar that sits in your inbox and gives you your conversation/file-sharing history on everyone you email.
  1. You spend so much of your day contacting people you don't know, but those interactions would be a lot more successful with a little personalization. Discoverly helps with that. This plug-in gives you details like work history, interests, etc. on all your contacts
  1. Ever feel like scheduling your meetings and to-dos is a job in itself? Not with Plan. This smart site understands your life and will organize all your to-dos and tasks for you.
  1. Oh good... another PowerPoint presentation with massive blocks of text. Make presentations people will actually enjoy sitting through with Bunkr, a web-based slide tool that lets you drag and drop rich media like videos, social media posts, and more into your slides.
  1. When it comes to excelling in the world, it's all about who you know. LetsLunch is an app that helps you use your lunch breaks to network with people nearby.

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