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5 Tips to Make Your Home Office a More Productive Space


Freelancing seems like a dream come true. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours, and are responsible for our own success. It all sounds great – and it is, but freelancing full-time can also bring on some productivity obstacles. Print these tips and put it up the fridge. Read and repeat and you’ll wake up ready to take on the work world everyday.

1. Create a dedicated workspace.

While we all love to surf the web from our beds, creating a space exclusively to work in will help you get into "work mode" so can cross off all those to-dos like it’s your job.. Figure out the best arrangement for you and keep it consistent!


2. Schedule in "Productivity Breaks".

It's a proven that taking strategic breaks from work actually helps you re-focus and be more productive throughout the day. Plan short breaks throughout your work day to give your brain (and eyes) a well deserved rest before getting back in there and kicking butt! We suggest The Pomodoro Technique—a super easy technique can help you power through distractions, hyper-focus, and get things done in short bursts, while taking frequent breaks to come up for air and relax.

3. Dress for the day!

While staying in PJs can be super tempting (and may be considered the biggest perk of WFH for some) getting up on a regular schedule and getting dressed can get your mind into the right frame to work.


4. Cut out distractions.

Facebook, Snapchat, a needy cat, a friendly roommate - when it’s work time, it’s go time. Pinpoint whatever is keeping you distracted from the task at hand and cut them out. Plan those productivity breaks we mentioned earlier around these distractions so you can still indulge throughout the day but at set managed times. Stay Focused and Moment are two services you can use to keep you focused on your tasks and keep your phone usage in check.


5. But some apps are your friends.

There are so many tools and products out in the awesome digital world that can make you the most boss you’ve ever been. Unclutter and Rapportive are just a few services that will get you on the road to an organized and productive environment in no time.

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