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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (September 2014)


Take a lesson from all those kids who just started back to school: “Never stop learning!”

To aid your self-training, here is this month’s roundup of backpack-worthy resources. Add a pack of trusty Ticonderogas into the mix and surely nothing can stop you.

Did any awesome tools miss our radar? Let us know in comments!



Sebastien Gabriel created this introduction to multi-platform and multi-DPI design because he wished he’d something like this when he started designing interfaces. “Perfect for beginners,” he says, “because it has no complex math and unparsable graphs, just straightforward explanations ordered in short sections for you to understand and apply directly to your design process.”


Sassline has a grand plan: to spread better typography all across the web. It aims to do this by giving people easy to use and maintain SCSS files and making the complex calculations to set type on a baseline grid easier by utilizing the awesome power of Sass. Available on Github, it can be used for prototyping, blogs, or full website builds.


CSS ColorGuard

Just like a good dinner party host, this tool keeps things lively by making sure some of the guests don’t sit too close together. CSS ColorGuard gives you a warning if you’re composing in plain CSS and use two colors that are very similar. Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks says “Clever work by Alex Sexton to analyze CSS and find colors that are so close to each other they should probably be combined. You know, for efficiency and consistency.”

outdated browser

Outdated Browser

Need a couple extra hours in your work life? Then try Outdated Browser from the folks at Bürocratik. It’s a tiny plugin that runs checks and lets you know when the client browser needs to be updated. That should save you more than a few hours spent trying to optimize the site for old browsers.

wireframing book

The Guide to Wireframing

Created for “designers, PMs, engineers and anyone who touches product” here’s a free ebook from UXPin. It outlines the theory and practice of creating designs across every stage of the product development process, from concept to launch. At under 100 pages, it’s a quick read and would make a great share with a product team.

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