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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (October 2014)

Source: Alice Carrier

Tastier than a fresh-from-the-barista Pumpkin Spice Latte, we’d better warn you that the resources you’re about to consume are extremely hot.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Did any awesome tools miss our radar? Let us know in comments!

web fonts
Google Web Fonts Typographic Project

There’s a figurative ton of Google web fonts available (650 as of this post), but many of them don’t work well when paired with different layouts. Using passages from the Project Gutenberg transcript of Æsop’s Fables, this ongoing collaborative project provides some much needed typographic inspiration for using Google’s free fonts.


JQuery FocusPoint

When dealing with responsive images, cropping, resizing, and alignment of images can be one of the hardest issues to deal with during site design, especially with large images. Enter jQuery FocusPoint, a new plugin that ensures your main focal point stays set when the image resizes with your site. Smart!


CSS Trashman

No, we didn’t just call your CSS skills garbage. But the fact is, as your skills grow, you’ll notice that your CSS contains a lot of duplicates and redundancies. Don’t despair. CSS Trashman examines a page’s DOM and CSS together and then generates an optimized possible output either in CSS or Sass format (your choice). Since it’s still in beta, you’ll have to settle for going page by page, since it’s not yet built to handle entire sites.


8 Tips To Become A Better Front End Developer

A terrific read from Master FED Petr Tichy (who’s led teams of over 20 front end developers at Australia’s DTDigital). No matter where you are in your career, you should be able to glean some good advice from this well-shared article, whether it’s where to get the latest FED news or finding the perfect mentor.

sweet alert


SweetAlert is a new modal dialog box library that’s a delicious and stylish replacement of JavaScript’s alert. It also centers itself on the screen, whether it’s a desktop, mobile or tablet. Developer Tristan Edwards, created it as a way to reduce the pain web designers experience when creating error messages. We say, “Job well done!”

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