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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (November 2014)


Free design and development resources? Yup, we’ve got plenty to be thankful for this month. After you’re done stuffing yourself, don’t forget to share your new finds with your friends and peers. There’s more than enough to go around!



Froont is an online tool that lets users create and share responsive web designs openly. Think of it as GitHub for design (though, ironically, Froont requires no coding - all aspects of design are done through drag and drop processes). And if you’re not into sharing your work, that’s okay, too: they offer a paid version which allows you to share or not share your designs with whomever you choose.


Cutlass WordPress Starter Theme

Designed by Zach Adams, Cutlass is an easy way to get started building WP themes using the power of Laravel’s Blade templating engine. It includes HTML5 syntax, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome. Talk about awesome.


Student Developer Pack

Partners and friends of GitHub have banded together to give students free access to the best developer tools all in one place. Happily, this huge set of resources aren’t actual textbooks. You’d never find a backpack big enough to carry all this stuff.


A Beginner’s Guide to Website Speed Optimization

We all know in that in the web world speed doesn’t kill, unless it’s your competition. Which is why WordPress hosting company Kinsta put together this awesome 6-chapter tome on the best ways to make your sites as fast as possible.



An essential design kit for mobile designers put together by the folks at InVision, TETHR contains 138 of templates and over 250 UI components available for a free download. And we have to say it’s probably one of the nicest presentations of a design kit we’ve ever seen - heck, it even has an interactive version of all the elements within an iPhone.

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