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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (March 2015)

Source: Kate Ter Haar

Looking for a great way to up your game? We’ve gathered five terrific design and development tools to keep you in tip top shape.

We’ve done our part, now the ball’s in your court!


The Ten Commandments for Freelancers

From “Thou Shalt Not Lead Thy Entire Life From a Bed” to “Thou Shalt Not Wallow in Rejection,” obey these commandments and the keys to the freelance kingdom shall be yours.


people misuse hyphens

10 Typographic Mistakes Everyone Makes

Everyone makes mistakes; savvy folks always learn from them. Over at Creative Bloq, Christopher Phin presents these tips on avoiding missteps when laying out text.

building systems

UXIM 2014 talks

Jared Spools’ fantastic 2015 UX Immersion Mobile Conference is coming up next month in Salt Lake City. If you won’t be able to make it, you can watch last year’s talks for free—no strings attached—courtesy of the UIE team.



A super fast color scheme generator for designers, Coolors gives you fresh palettes with the click of a button. A nice addition to this generator is the hold feature which allows you to select colors in a certain palette, then generate different combinations based on those.

typesetting jedi

Typesetting Body Text Like a Pirate Jedi with a DeLorean

Designer, writer, and well-loved An Event Apart speaker Tim Brown wants to help you cut through the complicated (and expensive) process of typesetting body text for the web by sharing his talk, “Typesetting Body Text Like a Pirate Jedi with a DeLorean,” for a mere $1.99. It’s a great way to hone your typesetting skills for just under the cost of two items from the Dollar Store.

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