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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (July 2014)


We didn’t mean to remind you of the heat, but if we took a break from sending out our monthly 5 Hot Design and Dev resources, you’d miss it, right?

So turn on the fan, grab some ice tea, and enjoy this month’s red-hot fare.

And if we missed any tools, please let us know in comments!

inmemoriam massimo maya

Friends of Type

Hard to believe, but the original typographic design and lettering that’s created nearly every day on their site is the work of four contributors! (Well, aside from the guest designer they feature at the end of the month, but still, that’s a huge undertaking.)

Part sketchbook, part archive, part dialogue -- it’s all inspiration!


Free Vector Infographic Elements

If you’re a designer and not yet familiar with Freepik, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s a terrific search engine specialized in finding free images, photos, vectors and PSDs that you’re free to use, modify, and share (with attribution). With more than 1.4 million items at your disposal, you’re bound to find something you like.

A great introduction to the site is this Pack of Infographic Elements in .AI form, perfect to use in your next infographic design.



Sometimes getting everyone to use the same project management software can be a big, snarling bear. That’s where Sitedrop steps in. Since almost everyone already has a Dropbox account, Sitedrop allows users to quickly turn individual Dropbox folders into a site where team members can view, comment, favorite, or upload files. Sweet!

At the current price of FREE and offering up to 5 online workspaces, it’s certainly worth a spin to see if it works for you!



Built by Matthew Hartman and shared on Github, Base is a simple responsive framework that’s fast and lightweight and functions on mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and desktop computers. It’s built on Normalize.css and includes styles for typography, lists, tables, blockquotes, forms, and more.


Choose a License

If you are bewildered by the large number of OSS license choices, this site promises a little help.

It summarizes three popular licenses, MIT, Apache, and GPL, so you can decide fairly quickly which type of license is the right choice for your code.

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