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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (January 2015)


It’s a new year, which means it’s time to put some fresh goodies into your creative toolbox.

Crunched for space?

Not to worry, none of these will take up much room on your browser, book shelf, or hard drive.


chip kidd

Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design by Chip Kidd

Not free (sorry) but absolutely worth the $13 spend. Design icon Milton Glaser calls Chip Kidd’s book, “An excellent introduction to graphic design through [the author’s] own excellent work. Anyone interested in the subject, including most practitioners, will find it delightful.”

Who are we to disagree with Milton Glaser? 


36 Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts

A little late for your New Year’s Eve party invite perhaps, but Vandelay Design put together a terrific list of calligraphy fonts perfect for adding a touch of class to your next project.


The Design Details Podcast

If you have any kind of commute, you probably understand just how lifesaving a good podcast can be. This brand new, weekly show by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin features interviews with interesting designers like Nick Slater and Sam Soffes. With only two episodes so far, subscribe now and you can say that you were listening before the show got big.


User-Friendly Alternatives to CAPTCHA

Oh the humanity! Many a UX designer’s nightmare, CAPTCHAs are still incredibly popular. (One of the creators says about 200 million CAPTCHAs are completed every single day).

Happily, the folks at User Testing have dreamed up a few alternatives that will leave you and your users cursing a heck of a lot less.


Brand Style Guide Examples

Last month we shared the Find Guidelines site, but this site was so good, we had to share it, too.

Brand Style Guide Examples, as you might guess, is a hand-picked collection of style guide examples. What you might not know, however, is that also includes pattern libraries and design manuals. Aren’t you glad we told you?

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