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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (February 2015)


Even though Valentine’s Day is over, you can still get a little something for that extra special designer or developer in your life.

May we suggest any of these resources and tools? They’re low cal, low carb, and (mostly) vegan. But be careful, the recipient may hurdle out of the room to try out their new gift before saying thanks.


The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show

Hosted by the legendary Jeffrey Zeldman, The Big Web Show podcast features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and so much more. This week’s offering has Jeffrey and designer Mike Monteiro discussing “why humility is expensive, how to reassure the client at every moment that you know what you’re doing, and how to design websites that look as good on Day 400 as they do on Day 1.” This ain’t the Today Show for sure.

Mood Lines

Zeven Design’s Mood Line Guide

Using mood lines from John Ormsbee Simonds’  book Landscape Architecture, Rikard Rodin put together this neat little guide for using lines and shapes to convey moods and ideas. Rikard illustrates his points by showing their use in popular movie posters As a bonus, it’s a useful tool for showing non-designers the power of great creative.



A eye-pleasing editor, Dillinger allows you to write in Markdown format and instantly see the output on the right. Export your work into HTML, PDF, or Markdown. As a bonus, you can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Github to save your file from right inside the editor.



A side project built by three folks from London design studio Finely, Tindddle feeds you a selection of “shots” from Dribbble which you then favorite (by selecting the heart) or dismiss (by hitting the cross). Favorited shots appear in your Dribbble account, which is perfect when you need a little inspiration later on. We do warn you to be careful, it’s addictive once you get started.

404 page


Where have all the good pages gone? Who cares; sometimes getting lost is much more fun. FOURZEROFOUR shows the awesomeness of 404 pages collected from around the web. Heck you may never want to get found.

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