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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (December 2014)


Mix a little seasonal downtime with any of these design and development tools and you’ve got the perfectly festive Digital Cocktail (please enjoy responsibly).

Happy holidays!

Noun Project

The Noun Project

Co-founder Edward Boatman says The Noun Project is attempting to organize “the world’s visual language into one online database”. With more than 30,000 black-and-white symbols (and more being added every second) it’s become a go-to visual resource for everyone from the creatives at to artisinal cheese vendors in Paris.



Throwback Thursday indeed! Front-End Developer Nathan Friend created this online replica of a Spirograph (written in TypeScript) for you to while away those hours spent waiting at the airport. Bonus, if you’re flying with WiFi, you can play during your entire trip.


Typographic Pocket Guide

A handy reference for those burning typographic questions such as, “What’s the difference between an en dash and an em dash?” It’s perfect for a bit of light holiday reading.

find guide

Find Guidelines

If you’re looking for good brand guidelines for that special website in your life, you’re in luck. Designer Arno Di Nunzio created the Find Guidelines site, overflowing with links to resource pages for company logos, buttons, badges, and, of course, guidelines for their use. Definitely a bookmark-worthy page!



Here’s something to make you API. (Sorry...) Apiary is a service that allows developers to design, document, and test their APIs. You can also share your APIs and their documentation as well. It’s free for one admin and $99/mo for teams up to 50. You have to love anyone who uses the expression, “Iterate, rinse & repeat.” We’re definitely going to put that on a sticker.

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