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5 Hot Design and Development Resources (August 2014)


If you’ve been chanting to yourself, “Summer just can’t be over, summer just can’t be over!” we’ve got some soothing news for you: 5 new design and development resources, guaranteed to put a little joy into your late August.

Did any awesome tools miss our radar? Let us know in comments!


5 Questions for 100 Designers

Designer Yevgeny Yermakov has put together a list of 50 (and counting) short interviews with some well-known designers like Jessica Hische and Debbie Millman and ones you may not have heard of yet. Yevgeny asks the same 5 questions to every designer, and their unique perspectives make for an interesting read.  

agile apps

The Best Agile Project Management Apps

HOW put together this well thought out list of PM apps to manage your design processes. Some are free, others available for a small fee. It’s a great place to start if you’ve been considering moving to something other than your Google calendar to tracking your projects.

Compendium of SVG Information

Called “ridiculously huge” by legendary web designer Jeffrey Zeldman, Chris Coyier’s Compendium of SVG Information on CSS-Tricks is just that: a great big towering pile of SVG info. Please don’t let it topple on you.



This app has gotten some good buzz recently. It’s an email-based app that lets you manage your to-do list over email with anyone. With no signup, download, installation, or money required, we’re still trying to figure out its downside.


FontFace Ninja

Trying to identify a font? Time to send in the Ninja! FontFace Ninja is a browser extension (in Safari and Chrome) or bookmarklet (in other browsers) that easily lets you find fonts on a website. Have ADD? No problem. You can hide pictures and ads on the site to get down to just the fonty goodness. And you’ve gotta love the admonition at the bottom: “Please don’t steal fonts, we need type designers.” True!

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