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5 Hot Creative Tweets & Shares You May Have Missed: February 2014


What sets the digital creatives aflame? Each month our Digital Zookeeper, Tiffany gives us the top 5 trending topics on social media.

Here’s the steamiest topics shared (with dinner and a movie) in February.

1. 20 Ultra Light And Elegant Fonts For Web Designers (via @hongkiat)

2. Nostalgia! Illustrator captures children imagining they are 'Star Wars' characters (via @CreativeBloq)

3. The future looks awesome: new design systems for UX (via @css_tricks)

4. What's the difference between HTML5 apps and native apps? (via @syegulalp)

5. Cheer yourself up! How to stay happy & boost your career with these 7 habits (via @99u)

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