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5 Hot Creative Tweets & Shares You May Have Missed: August 2014

Source: julien haler

Did you grab some much needed “me” time last month? Congrats!

Just in case you were lounging while others were tweeting, check out the hottest shares from August collected by our Digital Zookeeper Tiffany.

Have something everyone missed? Let us know in comments!

1. Essential Reading: 5 Must-Read User Experience Design Books (via @GA)


2. Choosing the Right Font: A Guide to Typography and UX (via @usertesting)

user testing

3. Color Psychology In Marketing: The Complete Guide (via @JulieNeidlinger)


4. What Freelance Tips Can You Learn from Mad Men? Here's 9!


5. Do you agree? Web Designer vs Web Developer [Infographic] (via @1stwebdesigner)

web des and dev

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