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Hot Creative Tweets & Shares You May Have Missed: August 2013


What’re the digital creatives talking about? Each month our Digital Zookeeper, Tiffany (“Social Media” is her middle name) tells us the top 5 trending topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and everywhere else!

While “back to school” was on the lips of every parent, child and teacher, creatives were sharing something a lot more compelling in August!

5. Confessions of a #GoogleGlass Explorer (via @NewYorker)

Google glasses

4. The 10 laws of #Photoshop etiquette (via CreativeBloq)

etiquetteprime original

3. 5 Things You Need to Know About #Typography (via @desizntech)

Ascenders main

2. How to create mood boards for #graphicdesign: 40 expert tips (via @CreativeBloq)


1. If Doctors Were Treated Like Designers (via Facebook)


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