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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (October 2016)


Say what you want about Jason, Freddy, and Michael, we think there’s nothing more terrifying than falling behind the learning curve.

Which is why this month we’re giving you five tools and tricks for development and design, instead of, say, a chainsaw or a glove with razors attached.

(Especially considering how hard it is to design when you’re wearing the latter.)

Have fun and be safe!


InDesign Halloween Tips

Don’t be afraid to go up to their door, the folks at InDesign Secrets have some really nice treats for you.

Each week this month they’ve been passing out InDesign tips to help make your projects frightfully good looking. We’ve already collected Creating Halloween FX with Gradients and Glows and Creating a Ghostly Effect with a Drop Shadow Trick, pop on over to their site and you’re sure to find a couple of extra tips!


The 5 Types of Personal Projects (And How You Can Justify Pursuing Them)

If you’ve been talking yourself out of personal projects because __________ (insert excuse here), take a few minutes to read about five creatives whose pet projects turned into paying gigs.

Tim Tadder’s personal piece (above) was seen on Bēhance by a Mexican beer company who promptly contacted him and asked if he could do something like this for their ad campaigns. How about that?

Just remember, it’s never too late to start!

Motivated Mastery Manifesto

4 Mental Traps to Avoid When You’re In Survival Mode

Paul Jun knows all too well the freelancer’s plight: one month you’re booked solid with clients, the next you’re wondering if someone stole your identity and is getting all your gigs.

As the current content manager for CreativeMornings and social media coordinator for Seth Godin’s altMBA program, he’s a really successful creative who’s seen his share of bleak mornings and learned how to fight his way through.

Heed his sage advice and get cracking!!


50 Time-Saving and Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are incredibly useful for executing repetitive tasks, but finding the best quality ones—especially free ones—takes a very long time.

We want to make sure you got out trick or treating, instead of scouring the Internet until the sun comes up, so we’re sharing Speckyboy’s 50 free Photoshop Actions post.

From vintage effects to stunning black & white conversions, they’ve got you covered!


How To Scale React Applications

Among his many accomplishments, Max Stoiber is also the creator of React Boilerplate, one of the most popular React starter kits.

On the way to releasing Version 3, his team spoke with hundreds of developers about how they build and scale their web applications. He’s taken those conversations and “boiled” them down (sorry!) into a great article posted over at Smashing Magazine.

Best of all, if you have a question just leave a comment. Max is answering them as they come in!

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