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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (November 2017)


If you abhor that “SO. VERY. LOGEY” feeling after a huge Thanksgiving dinner, then make sure your laptop is within arm’s reach when you crash in your easy chair post feast.

That way you can dig into heaping mounds of tools and tricks while you’re still feeling the effects of Aunt Dotty’s green bean casserole.

It’s also a great way to avoid watching the entire Friends marathon.

Learn WordPress 2

WordPress Guides

Want to learn more about WordPress? No problem!

Our friends over at First Site Guide just launched an entire section of their site solely devoted to the Wonders of Learning WordPress. (Which is the title we pitched, but they went with Learn WordPress. Can’t blame them.)

No forms to fill out, no three-step process to get your guides; all the articles, video tutorials, and everything else is organized and easy to access right on their site.



If you haven’t quite mastered The Font Game from I Love Typography, then WhatTheFont might be the app for you.

Created by the folks over at MyFonts, now you can identify any font simply by pointing and snapping a picture of it with your cell phone. Bonus: the app is smart enough to figure out multiple fonts in the same image and connected scripts. How about that?

Best of all, now we know what “WTF” stands for!



Simple and yet so effective. And no, we’re not talking about the brain stimulant. Rather the Mac stimulant.

This clever menu bar item is built for one thing and one thing only: keeping your Mac from going to sleep.

We first heard of it from Superfriendly’s founder Dan Mall, who’d chosen it as one of his “Tools I Use” for An Event Apart. “Sometimes I’ll be teaching something and screen-sharing and we’ll launch into a discussion and my Mac will fall asleep. Because I have my password set all the time, it just saves me the annoying 2 seconds of having to re-log in and have displays wake up and all of that.”

So wake up and smell the Caffeine!

Or something like that.


UI Design Tips for iPhone X

A UI designer over at Dyson (now THAT must be a fun job), Stefano Malachi tackles the new canvas that is the iPhone X with some quick UI design tips. Taller than iPhone with virtually no bezel, it’s a whole new ball of... um, iOS?

A quick 5 minute read on Medium, it’s a great place to solve for X.

And yes, that was a math joke.


A Guide To Better Creative Collaboration

Everyone loves a meeting, right?

Or is it “everyone loves a well-run meeting”?

For those of us who’ve been a part of poorly run creative meetings, here’s a post for you to take action!

Founder of collaboration consultancy Bracket and author of  “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops,” Alison Coward has helped creative teams throughout the UK make their creative meetings a heck of lot more creative. Which teams? Oh, just the ones at Barclaycard, Etsy, and a little company named Google.

Her practical guide shares 23 actionable tips to get the best out of your next creative meeting.

Best of all, you can read it during your next tedious meeting. (Not that we’re suggesting such a thing....)

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