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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (November 2016)


The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!

Just in time for Black Friday, here’s a handy list of tools and tricks for you to explore while you’re up at 4am waiting in line for the last Hatchimal on the planet.

Sorry, we don’t include advice on finding one. Or tickets to Hamilton.

But we do wish you the best of luck.

And a happy Thanksgiving!


Website Testimonials Done Right

Lots of clients want to include testimonials on their B2C and B2B sites. And they should. Heck, if you’re an awesome company, why not share it with the world?

Unfortunately, a lot of testimonial pages lack some serious luster.

If you’re stumped for inspiration, check out Vandelay Design’s showcase of fifteen great examples of pages done right.

And, of course if you need even more inspiration, you can always refer to our testimonials page!


You Might Not Need JavaScript

No, we’re not looking for an argument. Swear! We’re just trying to pass along a tool. And it’s a good one, passed along from CSS hall of famer Chris Coyer

In the vein of You Might Not Need jQuery, You Might Not Need JavaScript is a site loaded with examples of actually-functional things you might think need JavaScript, but can be done in HTML and CSS alone. (Could be why a CSS guy is loves the site, right?)

Put together by A List Apart author and front end developer Una Kravets, we think you’re going to want to bookmark this one!



Called (by some) the Google Docs for interface design, Figma is an interface design tool that offers real-time collaboration tools. Useful for working on everything from icons to responsive layouts, you can use its Multiplayer Feature to collaborate in real time on the projects with other designers.

Yes, you read that right.

And if you’re thinking this little startup is going up against Adobe, you are also right.


Responsive Breakpoints Generator

One of the main challenges developers face when building responsive websites is managing, manipulating and delivering media—specifically images. But we’re not telling you anything new, right?

Well, not yet. But check this out....

Cloudinary co-founder Nadav Soferman just introduced a new (and free) open source web tool that allows you to generate breakpoints for your images interactively. Named the Responsive Breakpoints Generator, it uses Cloudinary's advanced algorithms to find the best matching breakpoints for each uploaded image.

Want to know more? Read about its benefits in Nadav’s article for Smashing Magazine. Or—if you don’t need no stinkin’ instructions—go right ahead and check it out for yourself!


A Quick Guide For Designing Better Buttons

Buttons, buttons, who’s got the button?

UXer Nick Babich not only has the buttons, he thinks about them obsessively. As a result of that obsession, he’s written a terrific overview on the best practices of creating, placing, and using buttons and has decided to share it with the world.

Click here to learn more!

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