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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (May 2016)


<surfer> Dude, where’s my code </surfer>?

Get your summer into high gear with our collection of high octane tools and tricks.



40+ Beautiful New Calligraphy Fonts for Designers

All the beauty of calligraphy without the mess of inky hands. Does the virtual world ever stop delivering?

Vandelay Design have gathered over forty fonts to ensure your next design project will “stay classy.”


How To Drive UX With Interactive Storytelling

Interactivity can help a user feel comfortable with difficult to understand topics (say, saving for retirement), get them more involved in a story, or have them take specific actions.

Check out twelve engaging examples of interactive storytelling from Web Designer Depot that are sure to get your brain churning. And, yes, Ben The Bodyguard is included.



Here’s a clever little framework that detects when a mouse cursor is about to leave the viewport (a likely indicator that the user is going to quit). When it does, use it to trigger a function to increase your conversion rates, like a popup subscribe form. Or, as Dev Cereal suggests, provide feedback on how users are interacting with your page or app.


Color Safe

We’ve mentioned a few color generator palettes in our Tools and Tricks posts, but this one is different–and much better–because Color Safe only generates colors that comply with the WCAG standard for color accessibility.


UX Reflections on Slack Bot Design

The number of people using Slack keeps growing exponentially, as do the use of easy to create Slack bots. Which means things might quickly get, well, rather confusing.

In his article for UX Magazine, Vijay Sundaram breaks down the three considerations to keep in mind when designing your team’s bot: discovery, onboarding, and basic interaction.

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