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5 Great Tools and Tricks for Designers and Developers (June 2016)


One of the coolest things about being a creative? When you see your neighbor has “greener grass,” they’re always more than willing to share their tools and tricks.

We hope our June offerings help you get a little more green this summer!


React Boilerplate

If you’re building with React.js and looking for performance as well as a highly-scalable boilerplate, you’ll want to give React Boilerplate a spin. It lets you generate components and routes from the command line and skip the boilerplate writing. Also, saved changes to CSS and JS are instantly reflected without having to refresh the page. Nice!



Much more than a time tracker, RescueTime is a combination time and productivity tool designed to help you keep tabs on your day. RescueTime runs in the computer’s background and tracks (and times) everything you do—from your work in Illustrator to the sites you visit. At the end of the day it produces a report to show how productive you were and how many hours you spent on social media. Upgrade to their premium service ($9 a month) and you can also have it block distracting websites while you’re working to keep you focused.


Color Lisa

Ever wondered what it would be like to work next to Van Gogh? How about John Singer Sargent? That may be a a bit of a stretch, but artist Ryan McGuire has created a beautiful site with a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists.

After a visit you’re bound to feel a lot more inspired.



Sadly, CSS doesn’t provide an easy way to pause an animation before it loops around again. Which is where WaitAnimate comes in. Use this handy web tool to pause the timing of a single CSS animation @keyframe. Perfect! Curious to see it in action? Check out these examples.

Visual Center

Visual Center

It’s as simple as it is useful: Visual Center helps you locate the visual center of any given photo. Load your photo in and it will tell you right where the center is and where to move it to visually center it.

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